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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tabletop Exercise in Connecticut

Last week I served as a controller for a tabletop exercise held in Manchester, CT.  It was an excellent time to see how other parts of the country operate and deal with some of the same problems that we have here in Ohio.  This exercise was centered around a deliberate distribution of bacillus anthraces or Anthrax.  Since there are numerous colleges and universities in the area there was ample targets to disperse the agent for maximum affect.

Anthrax is one of those things that exists in our atmosphere all the time but has little affect unless it is concentrated and inhaled or enters the body through a cut or abrasion.  In this case there was contamination by both ways.  The people of the area dealt with it as best they could.  Tabletop exercises are designed to see if plans already in place are adequate or need to be upgraded.

A functional exercise is scheduled later I June.  Functional exercises are a bit more complex where players actually deal with a problem doing everything but the actual response. 

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