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Great Fire Videos

Maryland firefighter's split second decision probably save the crews life.

Newest problem to face firefighters: Electric Vehicles

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Firefighter Training Mishap

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A forty mile an hour wind was not taken into consideration when apparatus was originally placed.  A little later it was!

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Not sure if this was a good operation or a bad one.

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Six kids died in this fire because someone put a 30 amp fuse in the fuse box instead of a 15  amp as it should have been.  Wire size dictates fuse size.  In this case the 30 amp fuse would have been proper for a size 10 wire.  That is what should have been run to the outlet as it was feeding an air conditioner.

Weird but true!

19 year old goes airborne on I-675 south of Dayton

Nine alarm fire in Boston now thought to be suspicious.


Slow Down and Move Over

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Weather for Greenville