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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Threat is not Over!

Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 was strongly defeated by a lot of good people who did their home work and got out their friends and neighbors to the polls. The issue is not over or dead at all. Legislators and many well meaning people who were led to believe that there was actually a problem will continue to support legislation to limit bargaining power of public labor unions.

Personally I received a lot of emails pointing out erroneous information which these people believed to be true just because the Governor said it was. I'll try to work through some of these ill presented issues.

First, just because you are a Republican or Democrat and some big high muckity muck D or R says something is so, doesn't mean that it is so. Case in point: We Have To Make Sure that Public Employees are paying their fair share of their pensions. I agree whole heartedly. But when you study the issue and look at the statistics, you find that most of the people who are having their 10% contribution to their pension fund paid by their employer are management employees, not labor.
No one on the "pass Issue 2" side ever brought this out, but it's the truth and you can find the stats to prove it.
The second issue was employees paying at least 15% of their health care contribution. In some cases, employees are already paying 20%. The problems that they all identified may exist, but certainly not in the amounts that were alleged

This whole problem was supposed to save the taxpayers a lot of money and fix the deficit at state and local coffers. I haven't seen one article since the defeat of Issue 2 saying that the pendulum has swung one way or the other.

People who don't know what they are talking about are still wagging their tongues about the pay packages of public employees. This only makes me believe that they wish the had thought of it.

Was their actually a problem?


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