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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NFPA 1584 Standard on the Rehabilitation Process.

The 2008 NFPA Standard on the Rehabilitation Process (NFPA 1584) is out and here are some highlights:  It establishes what the exact criteria is for rehabilitation  on the emergency scene.  It also says the department "shall establish a rehab section" at any incident and that personnel shall be trained to set the rehab area up.  In this context saying that a department SHALL DO these things is pretty straight forward.  It means that you should do it.  Of course these standards are not laws.  They aren't laws until tested in court.  NFPA standards have a long history of being held up as the "best practice."  So here is a case where areas which have separated fire and EMS are going to have to work pretty hard together to make this work.  In most areas this won't be a problem. This is a good thing.  If you want to check it out, log in to NFPA's website (it's free unless you want to download something)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cop arrests Fire Captain for Vehicle Placement

We should consider ourselves fortunate in Ohio.  ORC says that the senior fire officer is in charge at the scene as long as life or property are at stake.

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